Selected travel photos


(a work in progress)

Scandinavia: April 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

Bergen, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Stockholm, Sweden


UK & Ireland: 2004 - 2009

London, Oxford & Others

  1. Edinburgh & Belfast

• Dublin, Cork & Galway


Canada: 2006 - 2011


• Niagara Falls

• Vancouver


New York: 2004 - 2011





Turkey & Egypt: April 2011

Istanbul & Cappadocia

Cairo & Luxor


South America: Aug. 2009

Peru - Cusco & Lima

Peru - Trek to Machu Picchu

Peru - Manu Rainforest

• Argentina - Buenos Aires

Argentina - P.M. Glacier


Southeast Asia: July 2008






Western US: 2000 - 2011

  1. California

  2. Grand Canyon

  3. Las Vegas

  4. Yellowstone & Glacier


Australia & New Zealand: 2012

  1. Australia

  2. New Zealand


“In much the same way, it’s the connections I make abroad that have kept me traveling year after year. Seven years ago, I returned from my first trip abroad, a trip so demanding I still barely feel hunger anymore. Yet I still look back so fondly on those six weeks because of those faces, those people that have always overshadowed the days without food and nights on park benches. My mind rolls back to all those nuanced memories from my adventures over the years--those I’ve written about and so many more that lie between the lines and behind the pictures--and I can’t help but smile...”