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Whole-Group Lesson:

“Stretching Out a Scene”


After my students had trouble showing a scene in their fantasy short stories, I designed a PowerPoint to model step-by-step how to stretch out an important scene, using The Lion King as a “text.” This was the introductory lesson to a six-day revision process. Reflected here are many of the strategies I use on a daily basis to engage students, including humor, multimedia, and even just having students come to the front for mini-lessons.

  1. National Board Certified Teacher

  1. Exceptional class management skills & structures

  1. High expectations for and strong rapport with students

  1. Collaborate regularly across departments & grades and present PD to share best practices

  1. Skilled at using Workshop Model, student-led discussions, and Project-Based Learning to excite students about reading, writing, and history

  1. Energetic & passionate   

Stretching Out A Scene

Detective Rover Mystery

The Greek Game

Sample activities & Lessons

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Medieval Book Project

Persuasive Essays

Personal: PowerPoint | Model Essay

Research: PowerPoint | Model Essay

The Punctuation Song


English Language Arts

Sample Rubrics/Peer-Editing

Museum Scavenger Hunt

Intro to Writer’s Workshop

Sample Materials created for Professional development

Demo Lessons & Other videos

DVD Yearbook Montage


At the end of almost every year, I create a DVD yearbook for each of my classes; this is the opening video montage from one of them. It’s a strong representation of the hands-on activities and projects I create*, and how I make the classroom itself a conduit for learning, where students can walk in and immediately know, “This is a place where learning happens.”

(*“Oracle Shells” & “Pyramid-Building” not self-designed; “Little Shop of Horrors” and “PEEC” completely organized by other teachers)

Students who weren't in my class or whose parents didn’t give written approval have had their faces blurred. Because of my recent schools' privacy policies, more current videos are only available upon request.

Small-Group Lesson:

“On Turning Ten”


In this lesson for our Poetry Unit, students were asked to analyze Billy Collins’ “On Turning Ten” through group dialogue and personal connections, using evidence from the text to back up their assertions. This was the first time students had done extended small-group discussions, but the underlying strategies and structures they learned in their partnerships were very present.

Journalism Jeopardy

Final Exam Review Packets

Great Depression Video Project

(for To Kill a Mockingbird)

Human Nature Visual Essay

(for Lord of the Flies & “The Lottery”)

Shakespearean Newspaper

(for Romeo & Juliet)

Intro to Project-Based Learning

The China Game

(introductory trailer)

Class Management Workshop

Street Art Project

Intro to Deep Reading

Writing a Literary Essay

Shared Vision PD

Faculty Escape Room

Survey of US Parental Policies

Ecotopia Project


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Poetry Unit